Can’t make it to the museum? No problem! We will bring The Museum to you with our exciting, educational, hands-on learning experiences.

Schedule one of our hands-on outreach programs that are designed to travel to you!

Each of our outreach programs:

City by Design with Charlton Heights Elementary School 2nd Grade, Ballston Lake, NY

City by Design with Charlton Heights
Elementary School 2nd Grade, Ballston Lake, NY

  • Correlate to common core learning domains.
  • Are multi-grade level appropriate.
  • Have adaptable time blocks for busy schedules.
  • Can be offered as a Family Fun Night to accommodate larger groups*.
  • Are a wonderful addition as either an introduction to a unit or to complement or enhance any curriculum/content area.


What’s Inside you with Stuffee (Ages 4+)

Learn about health, nutrition, and the human body with our friend, Stuffee, a 7 foot doll created by The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh! The zipper on his belly allows us to show kids what they look like in the inside by revealing soft sculpture organs that belong to the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

Program Length: 1 hour

City by Design (Ages 6+)

During this popular program, participants individually design and create a building using recyclables and then come together to make a city! Using our large floor map participants become city planners, as they place their buildings with thought and learn about the 4 main building zones: residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial.

Program Length: 1 hour (option for a longer program that runs 2 hours for an additional fee)

Motion Madness (Ages 7+)

Teaches students about motion through a series of hands-on experiments that test speed, friction, and other forces. After conducting the experiments, students are challenged to make a roller coaster using pipe insulation, tape, and their knowledge from the experiments.

Program Length: 1 hour

Our Wonderful World (Ages 4+)

Travel around the world with us, as we learn about different cultures around the globe. Make clay pinch pots from Africa, try out chop-sticks in Japan, and more! With our collection of traditional clothing, instruments, and play-food from around the world you’re bound to have a fun time and learn something new!

Program Length: 1 hour

Wacky Water (Ages 4+)

Discover one of our most important resources through a variety of station-based activities. Children are given the opportunity to experiment and play with water! Learn about buoyancy and density at our sink or float station, see how water tension allows you to fish out Styrofoam shapes from our water table, use water to make a fun take-home craft, and more!

Program Length: 1 hour

Build It Up! (Ages 4+)

*New for for 2017*

Explore the world of S.T.E.M. through the use of Imagination Playground and Rig-a-Ma-Jig to build, design and test your engineering skills. Think you have what it takes to create and build something with your own imagination? Join us as we build it and find out! (This program was funded by the Saratoga Casino Hotel Foundation)

Program Length: 1 hour

Silly Science Explorers (Ages 4+)

*New for for 2017*

Participants will explore the silly and exciting world of science through hands-on experiments. This program explores the basics of science in the world around us, using supplies that we experience every day.

Program Length: 1 hour

My Robotic Friend (Ages 7)

*New for for 2017*

In this exciting program explore the world of Cubelets and other robotics! Cubelets are magnetic blocks that when stuck together form the basis for mini robots. Each robot cube has its own function and can be add to other cubes to create multi-purpose simple machines. Offering open ended based projects introduce engineering principles and the science of electricity, affording children self discovery engagement and exploration. (This program was funded by Global Foundaries.)

Program Length: 1 hour

Outreach Program Fees:

  • One Program: $140
  • Two + Programs: $125 per presentation
  • All outreach programs will incur a round trip travel fee

Call the museum at (518) 584-5540 and ask for our Education Director to schedule a program or email education@cmssny.org.