Can’t make it to the museum? No problem! We will bring the museum to you with our exciting, educational, hands-on learning experiences.

Schedule one of our hands-on outreach programs!

Each of our outreach programs:

Photo by Keira Lemonis Photography

  • Correlate to common core learning domains and next generation science standards.
  • Are appropriate for multiple grade levels.
  • Have adaptable time blocks for busy schedules.
  • Can be offered as a Family Fun Night to accommodate larger groups*.
  • Are a wonderful addition as either an introduction to a unit or to complement or enhance any curriculum/content area.

All programs are one hour unless otherwise indicated. 

Download our outreach flyer here!

What’s Inside you with Stuffee (Grades pre k-5)

Learn about health, nutrition, and the human body with our friend, Stuffee, a 7 foot doll created by The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh! The zipper on his belly allows us to show kids what they look like in the inside by revealing soft sculpture organs that belong to the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

Build It Up! (Grades K-5)

Do your students have what it takes to create and build something using their own imagination? This program allows students to explore the world of S.T.E.M. through the use of Imagination Playground and Rig-a-Ma-Jig by building, designing, and testing their engineering skills. (This program was funded by the Saratoga Casino Hotel Foundation)

Kids Chemistry Investigation (Grades K-2)

Explore the world of chemistry through fun and exciting hands-on experiments using ingredients found in your kitchen. Children will participate in various experiments to explore basic chemistry concepts such as the states of matter and the power of reactions! Join us for this fun, lab based program.

City by Design (Grades 2-5)

During this two hour program*, students become planners as they design and build their own city. As a group, the students brainstorm their way through a planning and development program to create the layout of their own town/city based on four zoning areas. Each student then creates their own building, using recycling materials, which is added to their group-designed floor map.

It’s Just a Phase (Grades 2-5)

Students experience the exciting world of matter and particles through a series of hands-on experiments based on the changes in matter using supplies that can be found right in their home! 

My Robotic Friend (Ages 7)

In this exciting program explore the world of Cubelets and other robotics! Cubelets are magnetic blocks that when stuck together form the basis for mini robots. Each robot cube has its own function and can be add to other cubes to create multi-purpose simple machines. Offering open ended based projects introduce engineering principles and the science of electricity, affording children self discovery engagement and exploration. (This program was funded by Global Foundaries.)

Motion Madness (Ages 7+)

This 1.5 hour program* teaches students about motion through a series of hands-on experiments that test speed, friction, and other forces. Using the knowledge from these experiments, children are then challenged to build a roller coaster.

Outreach Program Fees:

  • One Program: $140* 
  • Two + Programs: $125 per presentation
  • All outreach programs will incur a round trip travel fee
  • There is an additional fee for programs over 1 hour in length.

Call the museum at (518) 584-5540 and ask for our Education Director to schedule a program or email education@cmssny.org.