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Exhibits: Information

Congress Park

Take a relaxing boat ride as you enjoy the perfect weather in our Congress Park exhibit! Find different species of animals in the bushes, adventure through our big tree house, and discover all the beauty nature has to offer.

Activities by age:

2 and under:

Tweet Tweet! Check out some of the amazing animals in the park. Do you know what kind of noises they make? Try some out!

I spy with my little eye… Can you spy the different animals in the park? Ask your child to find the birds, frogs, and fish and talk about what they do. Can you find your favorite animal?


Habitats, Habitats everywhere! There are many different animals living all over the park, can you tell us where they like to spend time? Do they live in the water? In the grass? In the dirt? Or in the trees?

There are a bunch of beautiful plants in the park! Can you identify all of them? Ask your child to show you the different plants in the pond and the treehouse. Discuss how plants and animals are important for our ecosystem, how animals eat many of the plants for food, use them for camouflage, and many even build their houses out of them!

5+ years old:

Life cycles all around us! Check out the different displays of Bullfrog and Caterpillar life cycles. Show your child the different phases and see if your child can put them in the right order! For more of a challenge, check out some of puzzles too.

Houses and Homes! Talk to your child about how different animals, like beavers and birds, build their homes and nests. What type of house does your favorite animal live in? What materials do they use to build it?

Sponsored by: Saratoga Springs Rotary Club, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Kate Wimpfheimer-Antoine and Robert Antoine, International Paper, Sandy Hill Foundation, Saratoga Springs Lions Club, and Linda and Michael Toohey.

Grocery Store

Welcome to the grocery store that kids run! Fill a grocery bag with colorful products to create a healthy meal! Take some time stocking the store and learn about weight, length and capacity. Just don’t forget to pay the cashier on the way out and thank them for all of their help!

Activities by age:

2 and under:

One for one! Hand your child a grocery item and ask if they can give you one in return. Talk about what you are doing as you help your child build their word banks.

Sorting! Can you put all the red foods together? How about the green ones? Count together as you help stock the shelves.


Make believe! Take turns as the grocer and the shopper as you explore how money works! Ask your child how much your groceries cost and talk about what ingredients go into your child’s favorite foods!

5 and up:

How much? Work on your math skills as you practice buying your favorite foods! If an apple costs $1, how much would it cost to get 4?

Sponsored by: Price Chopper.

The Bank

The bank is open for business! Inside this exhibit, children can role-play as the bank teller or the customer by making deposits and withdrawals. The interactive finance stations provide important opportunities to learn about counting, money recognition, and consider choices about needs versus wants and spending versus saving.

Activities by age:

2 and under:

What shape is that? Explore the different shapes you see in the bank such as circles, squares and rectangles.


Show me the money! Talk about the different types of money and how much they are worth! Do they have different pictures on them? Are they different sizes? Let’s find out!

Take turns being the teller and the customer as you make deposits and withdrawals. Talk about the different roles in the bank and the different technologies that go with them!

5 and up:

Money math! Practice your addition and subtraction skills as you withdraw and deposit money! If you have $5 and deposit $1, how much money do you have? Ask your child how to make a certain amount of money using different types of bills. If I need $15, how many $5 bills would I need?

Sponsored by: Adirondack Trust Company.

The School House

It’s time for school! Be a teacher or a student and teach your friends something new. After a long day of studying, don’t forget to stop at the apple tree on your way out. Can you pick the ones up high? Also, maybe you can give the radishes a bit of water while you are at it?

Activities by age:

2 and under:

Mini farm! Try out the farm table as you interact with the different animals! Try and build a new fence or even feed the animals with hay! Ask your child what types of noises each animal make.

Puzzle and Lacing! Practice your puzzle and lacing skills with the different puzzles and lacing cards located around the school.


Check out the mini farm and test your knowledge! What kind of things do farmers have to do to keep the farms going? Talk about the different chores and activities that farmers do! Do they wake up early? Why are farms important to us?

What came first? Where do chickens come from? Do baby chickens come before adult chickens?

5 and up:

Where in the world? Use the map to talk to your child about continents and oceans! Work together to find different countries and cities in the world. Can you find New York?

It’s rhyme time! Try out your rhyming skills as you use different cards to see what kinds of words rhyme with each other. Can you make a really long rhyme?

Sponsored by: The Fort Miller Group and Van Patten Ferrara.

The Trolley

All Aboard! Show the Conductor your tickets and take your seats. Use your imagination to fuel the journey of your dreams while learning what it means to drive a trolley, pay for tickets, and explore the world with your museum friends.

Activities by age:

2 and under:

Do you have your tickets? There are a few different color tickets for the trolley. Ask your child to show you the blue, yellow or pink tickets! Can you gather them all by color? Ask your child what color is their favorite color and let them ask you the same.

Have your child conduct the trolley! Practice the noises of stopping and going together. Look out the window and find incredible things before you arrive at your destination. After your child finishes their driving, switch and show them your skills!

3-4 years old:

Tickets please! Practice counting with your child. Show off your skills as you count to ten!

Are we there yet? Talk with your child about places that the Trolley can stop. Where is your adventure taking you to?

5+ years old:

Do you have your tickets? Talk about how much tickets cost! Ask your child to do some math with you. If you need three tickets how much would you have to pay in total?

Don’t be late! Practice telling time with your child. If you get on at 10:30 and arrive to your destination at 11:30, how long have you been on the Trolley?


It is time to build, create and play! Navigate your way through the world of STEM as you experiment with wind, magnets, and motion! The STEM room provides a great opportunity to develop spatial awareness and motor skills- the building blocks of success!

Activities by age:

3 and under:

Have your child learn how to move and manipulate various shaped objects. Which objects are small? Which ones are large?

Practice fine motor control by having your child click the building toys into place. Or enhance your child’s spatial organization skills by challenging them to build the tallest tower they can without it toppling over.

4-5 years old:

Spark your imagination by building a whole new world! What is this new fantasy world you built? As your child is creating a structure, have them create a story to go along with the development of their new found world. By using their imagination through the construction of a story, your child is inherently boosting their cognitive, language and social skills.

5+ years old:

Build a roller coaster! What makes a fun roller coaster? As your child is building, take the time to explain motion, forces, and friction. What do they think will happen if their incline was steeper? Why is the marble slowing down? As an extra challenge, see if they can have their marble go through a loop!

Sponsored by: The Rotary Club of Saratoga Springs and The Bender Scientific Fund.

Happy’s Diner

Yummy yummy something smells good! Check out what’s cooking in our diner, fully stocked with play food and great seating. Talk about shapes, colors and numbers or categorize your food by the nutrition groups. Should you eat more of something than something else? Practicing a recipe? Show off your measuring skills by using  teaspoons, tablespoons, cups and fractions!

Activities by age:

2 and under:

Can you name the color and shape of the foods in Happy’s Diner? What is the shape of the plate? Can you find all of the red food? Count them together as you explore the Diner!

Practice your motor skills through mashing, rolling, and mixing your favorite foods together. Count how many times you mash or mix your favorite foods and talk about why we do this!


Sequencing! Ask your child to make a nutritious meal for you. Ask what they are doing and why? Explain the steps for cooking their favorite foods as they try to make it. For example: First we mix the food, then we cook the food, then we eat the food!

Pretend play is front and center at Happy’s Diner. Take turns playing chef behind the grill and creating healthy menu options, taking orders at the counter as the waitstaff, or practice ordering food on your own as the customer.

5 and up:

Piece of Pie! Play with your food and talk about fractions! How many slices are in a whole pie? If they eat one piece, how many pieces are left?

Categorize your food? Can you make a healthy meal using all the different parts of the food pyramid? What kinds of foods would you eat for each meal? And why?

Sponsored by: MVP Health Plan.

The Mail Room

Special delivery just for you! Come and pick up or deliver your mail, see how to address a letter, and send your friends and family a nice note! Have you ever wanted to be a mailman or women? Now you can!

Activities by age:

2 and under:

Sorting! Practice simple sorting by collecting letters and packages then putting them in the mail slots.


Dramatic play! Can you be a postmaster for a little while and help people find their mail?

5 and up:

Talk to your child about how to send a letter? Show them what a properly addressed envelope looks like and talk to them about stamps! Do you have a favorite stamp? Tell them about it!

Creation Station

An art studio just for kids! Stop in for various art activities such as painting, drawing and more.  Just bring your creativity!

Sponsored by: Target, The Arthur Z. Solomon Foundation.

The Spa Little Theater

Take your seats, the show is about to begin! Dress up and take your places in The Spa Little Theater! Put on the production of your dreams, make a puppet show with your friends, or be the audience for someone else’s show! Tickets sell fast at The Spa Little Theater, but have no fear there will always be a seat reserved for you! Let your imagination and creativity run wild; the possibilities are endless.

Activities by age:

2 and under:

Dress Up! Talk about what your child’s character does. What do they like? What don’t they like? What do they sound like?

Ask your child to sing a song they know from home or from school! Have them make a show out of it! Encourage emotions and actions that go along with the song.

3-4 years old:

Ask your child to describe the set and scene! What kind of props do they need? Does the scene change during the show? Ask about what is happening!

Use vocabulary about feelings with your child to describe the show! Is their creation a comedy (funny show)? A tragedy (sad show)? Is it a musical full of songs and dancing?

5+ years old:

Ask your child to explain their set and/or the plot of their masterpiece!

Does your child already know about plot, setting and genre? Put their theater expertise to the test! Ask your child to play a game where they must change the show to fit a genre that you shout out.

Sponsored by: Glens Falls Foundation.

The Veterinary Clinic

Oh no! One of our animal friends has an ouchie! Can you help our animal friends? Put on your veterinary coat and grab your doctor kit to help make our furry friends feel better!

Activities by age:

2 and under:

There are many types of animals that come into the veterinary clinic, do you know which ones are which? What are the different parts of the all the animals? Do they have wings? A tail? Fur or scales?

Talk to your child about how to play with animals! Being gentle, and petting nicely as we work together to learn what it means to be around our animal friends.


How many can you see? Ask your child to practice their counting skills with you as they count legs, eyes, and even all the animals that come in? How many animals can you count?

Talk with your child about what a veterinarian does? How do veterinarians help animals?

5 and up:

Talk to your child about the different medical tools that a vet uses. Explore what they are and what they do as you play to help our furry friends feel better.

Sponsored by: The William Gundry Broughton Charitable Private Foundation, Inc.

The Fire Truck and Fire House

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of our fire truck out to save the day! Put on your fire hat and coat and rush into the driver’s seat. You can take the wheel and get ready to put out the fire like our everyday firefighting heroes!

Activities by age:

3 and under:

Grab your hat, boots and jacket! It’s time to be a firefighter! Talk to your child about the different pieces of clothing that a firefighter wears and talk about what they do then get in the driver’s seat and steer the truck around the community! Can you point out the different shapes of the firetruck on your way to help the community?

4+ years old:

Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter? Now you can be one! Put on your firefighter outfit and talk about what it is a firefighter does for the community. Ask your child why firefighters wear what they do? Are these clothes the same as the clothing that you and I wear?

Climb aboard and steer the fire truck! Have fun driving off to help others in the community and talk about other community helpers in the area! For example, what do our doctors, police officers, teachers and EMT’s etc. do ?

Sponsored by: The Peters Family, and State Farm Insurance Companies.

The Bubble Spring

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a bubble looks like? Come find out in our Bubble Spring! Use a real pulley system to lift the hoop and form the bubble. See the colors that form and how bubbles work.

Activities by age:

3 and Under:

It’s time to focus! Let’s see if we can get the bubble to go over our heads. What does the bubble look like? Can you see a rainbow in it? What colors are in that rainbow?

4 and up:

Put on those thinking caps! How do you think the bubble spring works? What happens when you pull down on the string? What is that string attached to?

The Bandstand

No instruments? No problem! Come and dance and our magical bandstand will supply the sound! The more you dance the more music you will make! So get silly and dance the night away with your friends!

Activities by age:

4 and under:

Simon Says! Ask your child to move and shake like some of their favorite animals. Can you hop like a frog or swim like a fish? Show us!

5 + years old:

Hum your favorite tune! Now see if you can find the notes to recreate your favorite song on the xylophone!