FAQ About Visiting the Museum

During inclement weather, please check the Museum’s social media or local listings for school closure information.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about The Children’s Museum at Saratoga. 

Q: When are you open and what are your hours?

A: The Museum is open from 9:00am to noon and 1:00pm to 4:00pm. During the school year, the Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday and is closed on Sunday and Monday. During the Summer the Museum is open Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sunday.

See our hours here.  

Q: Can I bring in my friends as guests under my membership? 

A: No, your membership only covers those in your household. Aka the people you live with. Like your children, a partner, or maybe a grandparent. Any friends you bring who are not members of the museum must pay admission. 

Q: Are you really closed for 1 hour each day from noon to 1:00pm?

A: Yes! During that hour the staff works hard to wipe down surfaces, reset the exhibits and do a general cleaning of the public spaces that get used the most. We encourage guests to get lunch in town to enjoy all Saratoga has to offer.

We even have a Kid Friendly Restaurant List HERE


Q: What are your less busy hours?

A: Weekday afternoons tend to be less busy than mornings and Saturday afternoons.


Q: How are you cleaning the Museum and making it safe for visitors?

A: The Museum’s cleaning protocol follows health department guidelines on sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, as well as rules for air circulation and filtration. We know that children touch everything; making surfaces and exhibits clean for the next visitor is important.


Q: What does the Museum do to help the community?

A: The Museum is committed to helping kids and families who need it the most. In our community and our region, we partner with organizations who serve food and housing insecure children, students and families. The organizations provide the necessities, the Museum provides the educational resources.

Museum help includes:

· Distributing thousands of free hands-on learning kits to children of all ages.

· Created the Open Arms membership at the Museum.

· Works with Title I schools in the Capital Region for reduced/no cost field trips. 

· Partnering with Red Bookshelf to distribute free books to every child who visits.

(CMAS Community Page)


Q: Will my child like it here?

A: The museum has lots of fun activities for kids! We usually see guests between the ages of 2-10 years old. 


Q: When is a good day to come to the museum?

A: Any day we’re open is a great day to come to the museum! Usually our busier days are Tuesday and Saturday.


Q: Are you at the former Dance Museum?

A: Nope! We’re right next door in the back corner of the Lincoln Baths building. 


Q: Do you allow strollers in the Museum?

A: You can bring your stroller, but we suggest you park it in the coat area near the admissions desk.  When many guests bring them, it can get very crowded.


Q: Can I eat in the museum?

A: Downstairs, we have a designated snack area by our front desk to help reduce crumbs in play and exhibit spaces.  Let staff know if you have a snack with tree nut so that we can wipe the tables down when you are finished. We ask that you don’t eat or drink anything other than water on our second floor to help us keep the museum clean for everyone!


Q: Can I bring my coffee into the museum?

A: We love coffee too! But not on the exhibit floor. You’re welcome to drink it in our snack area 🙂 Most of the spills we see are from coffee getting knocked over.


Q: Does the museum have changing tables for diapers?

A: . Changing tables are available in every bathroom at the Museum, as are diaper disposal bags, and waste receptacles.


Q: What if my child has an accident in the museum?

A:  Please let staff know.


Q: I want to rent the museum out for a private visit or event, can I?

A: Yes, the Museum is open for private visits. Please email info@cmssny.org for more information.


Q: We want to explore the Spa State Park too, can you tell us what’s going on there?

A: Yes, the Park’s website can be found here: (Saratoga Spa State Park). There is so much to do in the Park at any season, hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, golfing, etc.

Q: What is outreach education?

A: Museum educators take educational programs out into the community and teach at schools, libraries and community centers.


Q: Can I arrange for an education program at my school/library/organization?

A: Yes, Museum program descriptions and prices are found on the education page here.


Q: Do my tax dollars support the Museum?

A: The Museum receives 5% of its operating budget from government funding. 95% of our operating budget comes from admission fees, programs fees and charitable donations.


Q: Why does the Museum ask for donations?

A: The Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and that is why the Museum asks for your support through donations. Donations help pay for operating costs. The Museum also raises funds through grants, corporate sponsorship, and special events.


Q: Is my membership a donation?

A: No, but we are so glad you are a member! Membership is a service that you purchase, in exchange for your purchase you visit without paying admission and get additional perks, like discounts for events and birthday parties.

A Museum membership is not just a way to visit the Museum, it also represents your belief and commitment to the hands-on learning and inspirational play that the Museum provides. Members are the Museum’s most generous donors. Members know the Museum the best, they value it, and they want to see it continue as an outstanding resource for children, families, teachers and caregivers.

The Museum creates income in 3 ways: Admission ticket sales, fund raising, and memberships. As a non-profit organization, the Museum relies on this income to cover the yearly operating costs.


Q: I love the Museum! What can I do to help?

A: Simple! You can give your time or your financial support. Any donation of any size is important, it will be used immediately, and it is appreciated by the Museum and our community. If you would like to donate to the Museum click here.

The Museum loves its volunteers who give their time and talents to do everything from teaching art classes, to mulching the gardens, to building exhibits, and giving guidance by serving as board members! If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities at the museum click here.


Q: Can we walk through the museum to check it out?

A: If we have enough staff members at the front desk, we would love to give you a tour! The museum policy, to ensure the safety of our guests, is that adults without children in their party cannot tour the Museum unless accompanied by a staff member.


Q: What discounts do you offer?

A: We offer discounts for EBT card holders. See our admissions page here. Occasionally The Museum will offer special admission promotions throughout the year. We also have 50% off admission for ACM reciprocal members.


Q: What do the Library Passes include?

A: Each Library Pass provides free admission for one child and one adult. Any additional guests must pay admission. Library passes can be found in many Capital Region Libraries. 


The Museum is closed on most major holidays.

You can check our social media for additional information for specific holiday hours.