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As I mentioned in my recent letter to the public, unprecedented and unpredictable are words used exhaustively in the last few weeks to describe the situation we are in. The COVID-19 pandemic has created difficult circumstances for families, the community, business owners and for the Children’s Museum at Saratoga (CMAS).

CMAS is a nonprofit museum, with a small annual operating budget of just $395,000. 50% of our annual operating budget depends on the revenue we earn from museum admissions, school field trips, education programs we conduct in the community, and birthday parties at the museum. At CMAS, our busiest time is the spring months through the end of the school year. During that time, the majority of our budgeted income is realized; but the COVID crisis has upended this. Museum revenue supports everything we do and the operation of the museum itself; from providing staff salaries, to keeping the lights on. It also ensures that we can fulfill our mission by providing educational programs, and continue to create new and engaging exhibits and experiences when the museum opens again.

Please consider a gift NOW to the Fund to Sustain CMAS. You can help right now with support that will go to work today.

We are adapting to the circumstances. We quickly brought our education programs online, creating free, accessible content. We understood the need parents had to adapt to at-home schooling. They needed educational resources they could trust and wanted content for children of various ages. CMAS has worked tirelessly to produce this content, we are so proud of what we offer and are even more proud that our educational programs have been viewed online by over 40,000 people each month! While these virtual programs are overwhelmingly needed, they are not producing income, therefore we must look to our supporters for help.

Your gift to the Fund to Sustain CMAS is critically important to the future of the museum, but most importantly to the educational opportunities of children in the Capital Region and beyond.

New Federal Tax Breaks to Encourage Philanthropic Giving*:

As you consider your gift, know that the recently passed CARES Act stimulus package included tax benefits for individuals and businesses who make charitable contributions in 2020 during this time of need. These tax benefits last until the end of 2020 and they include:

Individuals can deduct up to $300 ($600 for married couples) for cash gifts to qualified charitable organizations, regardless of whether or not they itemize charitable contributions on their tax return.

Individuals are allowed to deduct cash contributions to charitable organizations up to 100% of their AGI (adjusted gross income). This is a substantial increase as the previous limit was 60%. You must elect to use this provision, which means donors who want to use this provision must

report their decision to the IRS. Also, any contributions that exceed the donor’s total adjusted gross income may be carried forward for up to five additional years. (Note: these contributions need to go to individual nonprofits and cannot be used to fund Donor Advised Funds or Supporting Organizations.)

Corporations will now be able to take advantage of charitable deductions up to 25% of their taxable income! This is an increase from the previous 10% limit.

*This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor. References to tax rates include federal taxes only and are subject to change. State law may further impact your individual results.

Your support brings educational opportunities to ALL children

· Your gift makes education possible. Everything we do at CMAS occurs so that young children have the best educational hands-on programs and a place when they can learn through the power of play. These experiences are essential to childhood development.

· Your gift supports accessibility for low-income families. CMAS must be accessible for all children. Through donations from caring people, CMAS offers free and reduced-price admission programs for low-income families and families in financial crisis. We partner with community based non-profit human services agencies to provide educational programs to their constituents. We must foster an inclusive society and empower the youngest children in our community.

· Your gift ensures that CMAS will be here to serve the children, of not only Saratoga, but the surrounding counties of the Capital Region.

THANK YOU for your support, and thank you for valuing education!

The Children’s Museum at Saratoga is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All charitable gifts made to the museum are tax-deductible as allowable by law.

To learn more about our online educational programs, click HERE.

And to watch our program videos, click HERE.

To learn more about how we serve low-income families, click HERE.

There are many other ways to support The Children’s Museum at Saratoga and in turn, give the gift of play.


The Children’s Museum at Saratoga (CMAS) is dedicated to creating an interactive community space that inspires curiosity, sparks imagination and nurtures discovery.

Additionally, we believe that that the programs and services that we provide should be accessible to all children and their families.  As such we invite you to support our  initiative at CMAS to “Give Play”. This undertaking allows the Children’s Museum to open its doors a little wider and embrace all members of the community by removing and reducing the financial and economic barriers that may prevent some children and their families from utilizing The Museum.

The Children’s Museum at Saratoga is a 501(c)(3) and we rely on donations from community and business members in addition to our fee for services programs, admission and membership fees.

Here are  just a few of the ways that you can support us! 

Give! Make a donation to CMAS. Your donations support The Museum.  Donations also help provide scholarships to school groups for field trips, outreach programs; and community programs.

Match It – You can also give a matching gift through your employer or consider an in-kind donation of goods or services that are of use to The Museum.

Sponsorship – Your business can sponsor programs, events and projects at the Children’s Museum at Saratoga and receive public recognition for your community partnership and support.

Gift Your Time & Talent – Come and play along with us. Utilize your skills to make a positive impact on children and their families through the various volunteer opportunities that we have available.

For more information about any of these opportunities contact Sarah Smith by email at executivedirector@cmssny.org or by phone at (518) 584-5540.