Where Learning and Play go Hand-in-Hand

Event Category: Morning Program

Join us for our preschool literacy and language program. Each week we’ll read a different book, allowing your child to create real world connections as they familiarize themselves with the alphabet, new vocabulary words, and rhymes. With each story comes a hands-on creation to help capture the moment, making it all the more memorable. What […]

Join the Museum for a staff-lead education program that could be anything from science to art to history and is always fun and engaging!

Discover the many ways science is all around us in a program that is designed to spark curiosity and create those surprising “aha” moments for children that can last a lifetime. Whether children are experimenting with smells, designing an air powered car, or experimenting with color and dyes, these multi-sensory activities foster curiosity, creativity and […]

Engage your little builder with a weekly STEAM challenge! This is a hands-on exploration into the world of engineering designed to get children thinking. From building towers to working with gears and levers, children will see how their world works and make connections all their own. What are we learning: Cognitive Development, Early Science Skills, […]