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Can’t make it to the museum? No problem! We will bring the museum to you with our exciting, educational, hands-on learning experiences.


Schedule one of our hands-on outreach programs!

Each of our outreach programs:

Photo by Keira Lemonis Photography

  • Correlate to common core learning domains and next generation science standards.
  • Are appropriate for multiple grade levels.
  • Have adaptable time blocks for busy schedules.
  • Can be offered as a Family Fun Night to accommodate larger groups.
  • Are a wonderful addition as either an introduction to a unit or to complement or enhance any curriculum/content area.

All programs are one hour unless otherwise indicated.

  • Budding Young Poets – Introduce your budding young writers to poetry. This program challenges your students to write an original poem as a class using descriptive vocabulary to describe their ideas, feelings, and experiences. (PreK- Kindergarten)
  • Build it Up – This program introduces students to the world of engineering, as well as, the Engineering Design Process. Students will begin to problem solve like an engineer as they propose and design a solution to solve a major dilemma and save the day! (Best suited for Pre K- 3rd grade)
  • Healthy Habits – This program will transform students into germ busters! Together they will participate in various experiments to learn about germs, how they spread, and how to prevent them from spreading to their friends. (Best suited for PreK-K.)
  • Kids Who Code – This unique program uses hands-on activities to teach the fundamentals of coding. Students will learn about binary code, computational thinking, algorithms, and processing. Your students will then put their knowledge to the test when they are challenged to build a robot using Cubelets or magnetic blocks that when fastened together form the basis of a simple machine. (Kindergarten- 3rd grade. No more than 25 students.)
  • Motion Madness – This physics program teaches students about motion through a series of hands-on experiments that test speed, friction, and other variables of force. Using the knowledge from these experiments, students are then challenged to build a roller coaster. (Best suited for K-4th grade)
  • My Community – This is a special two part program which includes a field trip & an outreach program. This program incorporates concepts from geography, art, architecture, and city planning. During this program, students participate in a walking tour hosted by Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation. Post tour, the Children’s Museum at Saratoga will visit your classroom to teach your students about zoning and together we will take the buildings they designed and create a small city within your classroom. (The fee for this program is $8 per child for the field trip and the outreach fees are outlined below. Call for scheduling and more information. Best suited for 1st-4th grade.)

All programs come with a pre-packet of materials from our Education department and activities are scaffolded based upon the class age to incorporate developmentally appropriate activities. 

Outreach Program Fees:

  • One Program: $140
  • Two + Programs: $125 per presentation
  • All outreach programs will incur a round trip travel fee
  • There is an additional fee for programs over 1 hour in length.

Call the museum at (518) 584-5540 and ask for our Education Director to schedule a program or email education@cmssny.org.