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Virtual Field Trips

Bring The Children’s Museum at Saratoga to your classroom!
With our new virtual field trips specifically designed to meet the needs of each classroom, there are plenty of opportunities for unique hands-on experiences. We offer hybrid or fully virtual options that are great for in-school and at-home learning. Each program is sure to inspire curiosity, spark imagination, and nurture a sense of discovery!


Schedule one of our hands-on virtual field trips!

Photo by Keira Lemonis Photography

Each one of our virtual programs:

  • Correlate to common core learning domains and next generation science standards.
  • Are appropriate for multiple grade levels.
  • Have adaptable time blocks for busy schedules.
  • Are a wonderful addition as either an introduction to a unit or to complement or enhance any curriculum/content area.

Programs to choose from:

  • Build it Up – This program introduces students to the world of engineering, as well as, the Engineering Design Process. Students will begin to problem solve like an engineer as they propose and design a solution to solve a major dilemma and save the day! (Best suited for Pre K- 3rd grade)
  • Catching RainbowsBest suited for Pre-k First grade. Learn about the myth and science behind rainbows! This educational kit helps you teach your child about how rainbows are created and how you can make them even when you’re indoorsThe kit also contains all of the materials you’ll need to make a rainbow catcher for the next sunny day!
  • Healthy Habits – This program will transform students into germ busters! Together they will participate in various experiments to learn about germs, how they spread, and how to prevent them from spreading to their friends. (Best suited for PreK-K.)
  • Kids Who Code – This unique program uses hands-on activities to teach the fundamentals of coding. Students will learn about binary code, computational thinking, algorithms, and processing. Your students will then put their knowledge to the test when they are challenged to build a robot using Cubelets or magnetic blocks that when fastened together form the basis of a simple machine. (Kindergarten- 3rd grade. No more than 25 students.)
  • Silk Spinners –(1st-4th) Can spiders make silk? How can we tell them apart from insects? Get a close-up look at some of the most popular arachnids! See what we can learn about these beneficial creatures from their bodies, webs, and habitats.

All programs and activities are scaffolded based upon the class age to incorporate developmentally appropriate activities.

Virtual Field Trips must be booked in advance. For booking a program or more information please email education@cmssny.org.