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Only 2 weeks until BIG TRUCK DAY!!

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Only 2 weeks until BIG TRUCK DAY!

The big trucks are coming!!!
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Field Trips (temporarily unavailable)

Bring your group for a field trip that inspires their curiosity, sparks their imaginations, and nurtures a sense of discovery!

Group visits must be booked in advance. For booking a visit or more information on group visits please email education@cmssny.org or call the Museum at (518) 584-5540.

Field Trip Options

In-person field trips are temporarily unavailable

Alphabet Sleuths
Best suited for Pre K – K

Through story and letter recognition we’re learning the alphabet! This program has students will play games with letters and crafting them with their hands.

Catching Rainbows
Best suited for Pre K – 1st grade

Learn the myth and the science behind rainbows. Students will be introduced to how rainbows are created and craft a way to catch a rainbow of their very own!

Innovative Inventors
Best suited for Pre K – 2nd grade

What goes into the creation of a great invention? This program will introduce your students to different inventors and their inventions. They will be challenged to design and create an invention of their very own to help solve a very serious dilemma.

Investigation: Science
Best suited for Pre K – 1st grade

This program challenges your students to think like a scientist through the use of scientific inquiry as they determine what was the cause of the phenomenon that occurred right before their eyes.

Silk Spinners
Best suited for Pre K – 2nd grade

Can spiders make silk? How can we tell them apart from insects? Get a close-up look at some of the most popular arachnids! See what we can learn about these beneficial creatures from their bodies, webs, and habitats.


All programs will be scaffolded to meet the academic requirements of each age group. This includes an alternative challenges for PreK and Kindergarten students as needed. When you call to book your field trip, our Education Director can work with you to design an appropriate program.

Field Trips must be booked in advance. For more information please email education@cmssny.org.