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CMAS is closed, but our staff is here for your family. Check out our at home activities!

At Home Learning with CMAS!

Check out some of the great at home activities that our education staff has put together for you to do while the museum is closed. If you do activities make sure to take photos, post to social media and tag us. We love seeing what you’re up to! 

At Home Activities Week 1

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Anatomy of a Comic NEW!

10 a.m. to noon | July 6-23 | Monday through Thursday

Students have the chance to make their very own comic book! As a class, we’ll learn about the history of sequential art and the basics of writing and storytelling, all to compose a comic book. We’ll develop characters and plot lines that make for an intriguing read and try our hand at comic book illustration styles. 

To register, parents must go to https://www.sunyacc.edu/summer-enrichment-2020




Catching Rainbows Kit

Best suited for Pre-k – First grade 

Learn about the myth and science behind rainbows! This educational kit helps you teach your child about how rainbows are created and how you can make them even when you’re indoorsThe kit also contains all of the materials you’ll need to make a rainbow catcher for the next sunny day!   


Build It Up Kit

Best suited for Pre-k – Second grade 

Engineers are the great problem solvers of the world. This kit is an introduction to the world of engineering and the Engineering Design Process. Learn how to think like an engineer as you design a solution to help solve a series of challenges.