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What is the Beetle and Butterfly Club?

A Seasonal Program

Unlike our other weekly programs, The Beetle and Butterfly Club is designed to introduce children to seasonal change through gardening, learning about plants and pollinators, practicing sustainability, and working to plan for the future. Members will meet on selected Saturdays during Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions, each one focusing on different topics and activities.

A Little Science

There is science in everything because science is life! We’ll tackle the mysteries behind how plants grow, why pollinators are so important, and many other topics with hands-on learning. While many programs need to operate in a finite amount of time, members will have a chance to see their work as it changes over time through newsletters and social media, staying connected even when they can’t make it to The Museum.

A Little Art

Members will engage their creativity as they bring their knowledge to life. Topical art projects help to reinforce information and create lasting positive memories that promote future learning. Projects range a wide variety of media from paint to clay to non-traditional materials and help with fine motor skill development, color recognition, and can help boost self-esteem and promote a sense of identity.

Spring Season

May 1st to June 5th, 2021

In Spring we will begin our garden from seed, learning about plants and their needs. Members will help to ready the garden for our seedlings, take care of our young plants, and then plan and plant the garden! All along the way we’ll be doing fun activities to help us remember everything we’ve learned. At the end of the Spring session, each member will receive and certificate and will be added to our mailing list for our newsletter that year! This will keep you updated on the garden’s progress and let you know when the Summer and Fall session begin.

Summer Season

July 17th to August 28th, 2021

By summer our garden will be going strong, with some plants even going to flower. We’ll learn about the importance of pollinators to a plant’s lifecycle and investigate the tiny world of insects! During the Summer session we’ll be getting and taking care of some ladybugs and some butterflies to release into the garden, and this is where we get the club’s name from! We’ll also explore The Museum grounds to find places where insects, and maybe some other animals, like to hide out during the day. At the end of the Spring session, each member will receive and certificate and will be added to our mailing list for our newsletter that year, just like in Spring!.

Fall Season

October 2nd to November 13th, 2021

For Fall we’ll be looking to harvest the literal fruits of our labor and decide what we want to do with them! We’ll talk about nutrition and how the food we eat helps to build our bodies. Members will put their metaphoric chef hats and venture into the world of the culinary connoisseur! We’ll also discuss the values of sustainability and how we can better understand where our food comes from. Just like with Spring and Summer, each member will receive and certificate at the end and will be added to our mailing list for our newsletter that year.

Become a Member!

There’s no obligation for signing up! Members will receive a certificate for the season they attended, even if it’s only once. They’ll also be kept informed for the rest of the year with newsletters to show the garden’s progress and everything else we’re doing.