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Museum Staff

Our Staff

At the Children’s Museum at Saratoga, we love helping kids and families learn and play together.

The staff members at The Children’s Museum at Saratoga are available to help make your visit enjoyable and educational.  We look forward to assisting you during your visit.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Phone 518-584-5540, Email info@cmssny.org


Sarah Smith Syden, Executive Director – Phone ext. 207, executivedirector@cmssny.org 

Sarah brings 18 years’ experience as a museum leader and educator to her role as Executive Director. When visitors arrive, Sarah loves for them “to walk away having had a great time exploring and learning together.” She especially enjoys watching kids and grown-ups immersed in pretend play. “These moments really allow children to take the lead and create their own fascinating worlds.”  She says working in a children’s museum is a “real delight. Every single day here is different and that makes for a lot of really interesting and really exciting days.” When Sarah isn’t managing the day-to-day operations at the Museum and making sure every visitor has a great experience, this Mom of two loves traveling with her family and spending time outdoors. 



Erica Riekert, Education Director – Phone ext. 209, eriekert@cmssny.org 

Erica stays on top of trends in early childhood education to make sure the Children’s Museum at Saratoga offers hands-on learning experiences that are as fun as they are educational. An experienced educator, Erica develops the museum’s programs and special events. In addition, she manages museum exhibits and activities, curriculum-based field trips, and outreach programs for schools. She loves that guests can walk into The Children’s Museum and have a three-dimensional experience through visual, auditory and hands-on learning. “Working at the Children’s Museum,” says Erica, “has given me the opportunity to teach in a contemporary and inventive way.” 

Jessica Bauder, Program Manager – Phone ext. 208, jbauder@cmssny.org 

Jessica’s role at The Museum it help develop and deliver all of our on-site museum programs.  She loves to engage visitors in unique learning experiences to promote learning through hands-on play! Sometimes they don’t even know that they’re learning it’s so much fun. Her favorite part about working at the museum is being able to enhance someone’s museum experience. She just loves getting to teach both in the museum setting because it’s always fun for her and the students.

Guest Services:

Catherine McDermott, Membership & Guest Services Manager – cmcdermott@cmssny.org.

Catie’s role as the Membership and Guest Services Coordinator is to ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining membership and guest relations with the museum. She’s is our “go-to” for creating and also maintaining your museum memberships. In addition to this, she is responsible for booking birthday parties with us at the Children’s Museum. Catherine’s favorite part of her position at the Children’s Museum is interacting with our visitors as they enter and exit the museum. She loves hearing every’s adventures from the day and wishing them a safe journey home.

Museum Greeter & Floor Assistants – Claire Drake, Ellie Dally, Ryan Jones


Ellen Riley, Operations Manager – ellen@cmssny.org

Besides managing day-to-day operations in our beautiful building, Ellen is the Museum’s unofficial historian and problem-solver. She handles administrative functions, membership follow-up, mailings, and fundraising. In 2011, after owning and running three businesses in Boston for decades, Ellen retired, moved to Saratoga Springs, and joined the Children’s Museum staff. Her goal is to help all our visitors have an EXCEPTIONAL experience. When she’s not working at the Museum, Ellen loves travel and serves on three not-for-profit boards. 


Adam Weinreb, Marketing Coordinatoraweinreb@cmssny.org

Adam’s role as the Marketing Coordinator is to manage the Museum’s image, from social media to graphic design to our monthly newsletter. As our “guru”, he works to ensure that you keep hearing from us, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the local community calendars. His favorite part of working at the museum is the fun, educational environment that not only fosters learning in the children that come here, but in everyone who walks through the doors.