Second Floor

2nd Floor

Adirondack Trust Bank

Pretend to be a bank teller, create and answer your own math problems, and count your money.
Sponsored by: Adirondack Trust Company.

Central Market Grocery Store and Post Office

A trip to the grocery store was never so much fun! This child sized grocery store features many of the items you would find in a real grocery store. You can weigh produce, follow sample shopping lists, and pay with play money. After you’ve finished grocery shopping, go check for mail and “send” packages all around the world.
Sponsored by: Price Chopper.

Construction Zone

Ever wonder what it looks like inside the walls of your house? Check out this exhibit and see for yourself! While you’re here, practice your own building skills using blocks, legos, and tools.
Sponsored by: Allerdice Building Supply.

Fire Truck

Put on a real firefighters coat, jump onto the fire truck and you’re off. It’s your turn to save the day!
Sponsored by: The Peters Family, and State Farm Insurance Companies.

Happy’s Diner

Take a step back in time into Happy’s Diner. Experience a Saratoga diner from the 1950’s where you can serve and “eat” your own creations. Practice your sorting abilities with the different food groups and boogie on the dance floor.
Sponsored by: MVP Health Plan.

School House

Finally, a school house where learning always involves fun! Enjoy a collection of activities from puzzles to books including seasonal themes.
Sponsored by: The Fort Miller Group and Van Patten Ferrara.

Pet Vet

Kittens and puppies and turtles, oh my! Explore our pet vet office and learn a new respect for creatures great and small.
Sponsored by: The William Gundry Broughton Foundation

Alfred and Nancy Madcap Farmer’s Garden

*NEW in 2017*

Our small farm provides children with the opportunity to harvest vegetables in our garden and “pick” apples off our tree that can be sold in the Market or consumed in Happy’s Diner. This new Exhibit for 2017 provides children with the opportunity to truly understand how produce gets from the garden to our tables.
Sponsored by: The Alfred Z Solomon Charitable Trust.

The Rotary Club of Saratoga Springs S.T.E.M. Room

*NEW in 2017*

Our newest classroom space at the Children’s Museum. Our Rotary Club of Saratoga Springs S.T.E.M. room is dedicated to the exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This room is filled with items that will allow you and your child to explore, design, invent and create. Included in this room is our brand new HATCH Interactive Learning Table filled with over 200 different interactive games designed to build your child’s social, emotional, and critical thinking skills while working in a team.